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About Mo's Wine & Spirits in Fairfield, CT 06824

Mark and I met nearly 30 years ago, but his love affair with food and wine was already in full bloom!! In his early days, he prepped food, washed dishes and mopped floors…..noble, character-building skills and ones that thankfully, he still practices at home. In his early 20’s, he rose to become the General Manager of the famed Grand Central Oyster Bar in NYC. This is where I met him, and for most of the 90's, he orchestrated the entire show beneath the great train station.  He is very proud to have developed its award-winning wine program which won all kinds of awards for its breadth and depth, and it positioned Mark as a wine expert within the food and beverage industry.

We launched Ocean 211, our fine dining, award-winning seafood restaurant in downtown Stamford in the late 90's. Five years in a row, Ocean 211 won the very coveted "Award of Excellence" from Wine Spectator Magazine due to my husband’s finely crafted wine list. We sold Ocean 211 in 2003 due to the difficult task of juggling a time-intensive restaurant business while raising a family. The same month in 2003 that we sold Ocean 211, we opened Mo’s Wine & Spirits and what a fabulous ride it has been!

Mark’s passion for wine led us to develop our 10,000 square foot store in downtown Fairfield, and I must confess that I too do enjoy a great glass of wine but the passion is all Mark. My contribution to our businesses has been my business acumen having graduated from NYU with a MBA and decade plus business experience prior to becoming an entrepreneur. Since 1998, we have launched and run three successful businesses in our great state of CT while raising a beautiful daughter. We contribute to our beloved community by serving on various boards, task forces and as a town commissioner. We have coached town sports, led scout troops and held numerous PTA positions. 

We feel very grateful for our customers and neighbors that frequent our store. We thank all of you that shop local and encourage you to continue doing so not just for Mo’s Wine & Spirits but all of our locally-owned stores. By shopping locally, you help retain the small stores that line our quaint CT downtown streetscapes. We hope to be a part of the Fairfield community for years to come! 


Maureen (Mo) Abrahamson

Rob - Wine Manager

Rob is our newest Mo's emplyee. Although he is new to our store he is not new to the wine industry. With over 20 years of expierence in the wine industry Rob has a lot of overall wine, spirit, and beer knowledge. He primarily enjoys drinking new world reds, including California Cabernet and Argentinian Malbec. Born and raised in Fairifeld and coaching at Fairfield Prep, Rob is definitely a familiar face for many of our customers. 

Francois - Wine Expert

Francois, born and raised in the Loire Valley, a well-known wine region of France, has been in the retail wine business for over 30 years. His extensive wine knowledge allows him to offer expert advise on food and wine pairings, as well as party and event planning. One of his favorite wines is Amarone, a wine which is made from dried grapes and is unique to Italy.

Tim - Wine Expert

Tim is a Fairfield resident and he has an extensive food and beverage history. Previously he was a chef de cuisine at several restaurants where he focused on fresh, local ingredients. More recently, Tim managed a wine and spirits shop in Darien. 

Tim is a foodie, like many in our staff. He is a great go-to person for finding a perfect bottle of wine to pair with a special meal.

When Tim isn't pairing wines with food for our customers, he can be found skiing, gardening or playing disc golf. Tim has helped design several disc golf courses in Connecticut.


Hiully - Mixologist/Spirits Expert

Hiully has been with Mo's Wine & Spirits for eight years now and was recently promoted to the Front End Manager. Hiully's is our resident mixologist with her background in bartending. Be sure to ask her for her latest cocktail recipes or favorite new spirits.

Hiully refers to herself as the store's personal decorator and calligrapher as she is responsible for any of the handmade signs, hand-drawn pictures on the windows and seasonal decor in the store.

She is fluent in Portuguese as she hails from Sao Paula, Brazil. Her favorite wine varietals are Albarino and Godello. She is enjoys a good brew too and prefers Stouts, Brown Ales and IPA.


Scott - Jack of All Trades


Scott is often heard in the store before he is seen. He is known for his loud and boisterous laugh. He was also recently awarded WSET Level 2 Awards in Wines - a difficult certification to achieve.

He has been at Mo's Wine & Spirits for about 6 years now. He is our jack-of-all-trades as he knows quite a lot about a lot of different products. Have a question about wine? Beer? Bourbon? Scott has you covered.

He has enjoyed the wine training provided by our resident wine experts in addition to some outside wine education classes.

Emma - Jack of All Trades


Emma specializes in, well, everything! After six years working at Mo's, she has jumped right in and is a customer favorite.

Whether you are trying to choose a wine, beer or spirit, Emma has a knack of picking out great products to fit our customers' needs. 


Emma's talents go beyond our store products. With a degree in accounting, she is one smart cookie!

Lucy - Mascot

Lucy is terrible at picking out wines, can't be bothered at choosing a good IPA and the only spirit she likes are happy ones. 

She is the best customer greeter however, and that makes up for a lot!

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