Scott is often heard in the store before he is seen. He is known for his loud and boisterous laugh.

One of our newer staff members at Mo's Wine & Spirits, Scott is our jack-of-all-trades as he knows a lot about a lot of different products. 

Scott's Picks

The proper acidity is key to a Thanksgiving wine pick, no matter if it is red or white. Scott's red pick hits the mark in spades, Serradenari’s Langhe Nebbiolo ($16.99).The peculiar characteristics of this terroir contribute to the production of a fresh wine of exceptional quality. This wine is ruby red in color with an unmistakable hint of geranium. Vinified in steel vats and aged for one year in oak barrels. On the nose the wine shows fresh fruit, cherry, and floral notes (violet).In the mouth, the entry is full and warm, the tannins are round with a hint of astringency that cleans the mouth and on the persistent finish.

Scott's pick for Thanksgiving hails from Spain and has a perfect acidity that cuts through all the rich dishes of Thanksgiving. Maddy Txakoli ($19.99) is a young, fresh white wine with aromas of hay, white flowers, fresh lemons and green apples. Full-flavored on the palate with expressive Asian spice flavors and exotic fruit, coupled with velvety acidity, piercing minerality and a slight effervescence. While many guests will not be familiar with the grape varietal Ondarrabi Zuri that makes this wine, they will be impressed at the fresh deftness of this wine. Its freshness means that it can also be enjoyed between courses and throughout the day. ​