Matt brings about fifteen years of experience to Mo's Wine & Spirits. He is a customer favorite when it comes to pairing our products with special meals or celebrations.

No matter what your price point is, Matt can help you find the perfect wine, beer or spirit to make your celebrations shine. He is also great at creating gift baskets for customers and hosts.

Matt's favorite varietal at the present time is American Cabernet because of its bold characteristics that pairs well with the heartier foods he enjoys during the fall and winter.

 Matt's Picks

Nothing says celebration more than some bubbly. Matt will be toasting to his friends and family this Thanksgiving with Bortolotti Prosecco ($15.99). This is a classic Italian sparkling wine made from the Prosecco grape with the addition of 10% Pinot Bianco. It is dry, elegant, fresh and lively, with floral aromas of hedgerow blossoms and white fruits and a creamy persistent mousse. This is easy to drink and rounded with apple flavors. Perfect as an aperitif or to enjoy with dessert.

Matt has chosen and Italian Pinot Grigio for Thanksgiving. But this isn't your mother's PG, Mosole Pinot Grigio ($15.99) is absolutely another level of a Pinot Grigio. Dry with a pear and peach taste and a light, almond background. On the palate it is smooth, charming, and persistent. You will be surprised like how good is this wine when you have it. Mosole offers much of Chardonnay's apple-like fruitiness but adds a light and lively snap of flavor. That is exactly what's needed to reinvigorate the palate between bites of candied yams, chestnut dressing and, of course, the bird itself.​