Mark has been in the wine and food industry for almost 30 years. Prior to opening Mo's, he was the general manager of Grand Central Station's Oyster Bar where he developed their award-winning wine program. In the late 90's he opened up Ocean 211, which won the prestigious Award of Excellence from The Wine Spectator. When not at the store, you can often find Mark out on the golf course or enjoying a local restaurant.

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Mark's Picks

It isn't surprising that Mark chose a Pinot Noir for his Thanksgiving table as our selection at the store is vast. Mark likes Pinots for Thanksgiving because like a great host, it’s charismatic, diplomatic, and, on occasion, profound-a grape that deftly handles the motley crew of foods that is Thanksgiving. Mark will be pouring Copain Pinot Noir ($24.99) because of the complex flavor profile of plum, black cherry and earth. Copain has great acidity and has greater heft than many Pinots. It’s neither overpowering brute nor shrinking violet. 

Mark looks to France this Thanksgiving for another of his red wines with of Tête Beaujolais Villages ($12.99). Beaujolais wines work so well at the Thanksgiving table. They are fruity, not very tannic, refreshing and essentially easy drinking, so the wine won't get in the way of conversation nor fight with the myriad of flavors on the table.  Tête Beaujolais Villages is made from the varietal Gamay and has a elegant, fresh intense nose of soft red fruits. The palate is equally open and fleshy with lots of fruit and little tannin. Wonderfully soft and accessible, plenty of character backed by a good, balancing acidity.